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Counseling and Support Services

Women’s Counseling 

Many women experience the "baby blues" during or after their pregnancy. Some women experience a level of depression or anxiety beyond the blues and benefit from additional professional supports. Pregnancy and having a new baby affect women in a variety of ways, and these feelings and changes can last a year or more after the birth of a baby, especially depending on your own life experiences. If you are one of these women, we are here to help you.

We provide mental health care for women who are pregnant, post-partum, or who may be considering pregnancies in their future.

We are available to assist our maternity clients with:

  • Fertility concerns and decision-making 

  • Pregnancy and birth concerns 

  • Processing traumatic births

  • Pre-term and infant loss 

  • Transitioning to parenthood for individuals and processing changes as a couple in parenthood

  • Perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Your own childhood issues impacting parenting

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Whole Family Perinatal Support

Support for men is also available! While we tend to focus our attention on the mother during discussions of pregnancy, we at Juniper Tree have a commitment to a whole-family, father-inclusive approach to perinatal mental health. Whether you are a dad trying to support a partner, your children, or you think you may be experiencing your own need for support, we are glad you are here and want to hear from you. 

Early Childhood Counseling Services

“Early childhood mental health" refers to how well a child develops socially and emotionally from ages birth to five. Understanding early childhood mental health is the key to preventing and treating the mental health problems of very young children and their families. It also helps guide the development of healthy social and emotional behaviors. 

We work with parents to help them develop healthy attachments with their children through:

• Parent-child psychotherapy

• Emotional support

• Attachment and bonding

• Advocacy

• Developmental guidance and behavioral support

• Referrals to additional community services as needed

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Adolescent LGBTQ+ Counseling

Juniper Tree Counseling is accepting of, and happy to support people from every gender, orientation, and identity. Although there has been much greater cultural acceptance of individuals who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or questioning sometimes, there are still a variety of challenges unique to the LGBTQ community. Especially in rural communities, discrimination and rejection by friends and family is a very real fear facing people coming out for the first time. The fear of bullying, violence, and other experiences of lack of physical and emotional safety can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, identity issues, and poor self-esteem. Juniper Tree can provide qualified mental health professionals who can support individuals facing any emotional stress. Individuals can be supported through strategies for coming out, ways to deal with discrimination, healthy relationships, marriage and parenting, and any other stressors specific to the LGBTQ community.

 Family Counseling

All families face highs and lows in the course of their relationships.  As much as you might want to resolve the problems on your own, sometimes it takes an objective and knowledgeable third party to help you sort through your challenges. With family therapy, Juniper Tree counselors can help you work through communication problems or navigate broken trust. We can guide you through relationship changes, such as entering teen years or parenting disagreements on how to address your child's behavior. 

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