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About Us

All of the counseling staff at Juniper Tree are endorsed by the Oregon Infant Mental Health Association (ORIMHA) and/or have specialty training beyond their Masters degrees in the areas of maternal mental health, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Promoting First Relationships, and many other evidence-based early childhood practices. Our clinicians are uniquely qualified to offer pregnancy-related mental health care and behavioral health supports for young children.

      In addition to having early childhood and maternal mental health specialists, we have therapists who have specialty training in couples work, trauma, and working with youth with behavioral challenges. Juniper Tree Counseling staff therapists also include staff with training to support LGBTQ+ community members. We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our client's individual needs to help them attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Individuals and families come to Juniper Tree with varied experiences specific to their racial and ethnic membership, gender, sexual identity, social class, religious affiliation, nationality, and/or disability status. We strive to offer services that are inclusive, and give voice to these varied experiences, by providing a safe place to be heard, appreciated, and accepted. We realize this conversation and work is ongoing and we take personal and organizational responsibility to continue reducing barriers to individuals seeking services, strengthening our multicultural competence, and celebrating differences. We welcome feedback on areas of concern or improvement.

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